'Spirituality' is a concept that has been greatly misunderstood and dismissed in recent times, perhaps more and more as we become more and more a secular global society. Yet it is the breath of our spiritual life, our connection to the reality that underlies, undergirds and creates that which we see and touch, and value far more than its foundational reality.

Spirituality is nothing more complicated than our approach to relationship with God. It includes prayer, meditation, ritual, guidelines for daily living.

On these pages you will find reflections, mine and those of other current thinkers, on what spirituality means in the context of today's world.


Many are intimidated or turned off by the thought of prayer. Many equate it with prescribed formulae recited in a prescribed place at a prescribed time. Actually, that kind of prayer winds up being rote, mindless, and talking at or about God, rather than talking to and conversing with God. With this kind of approach to spirituality, we quickly lose the desire and the ability truly to pray as Jesu taught us, which at its base is nothing more than talking with Abba - climbing up on Daddy's knee and pouring out the deepest secrets, most burdensome cares, most debilitating worries. Then being quiet, for God will answer. There is always an answer. Only if we quiet our minds, hearts, spirits will we be able to receive it.