God can be found manifest, revealed, in the created world, in our souls, created in God's image,in the silence of prayer. The most cherished and tangible expression of God revealed to humanity lies in the incredible collection of writing we call The Bible.

That it was committed to writing over the period of some two thousand years, and that its message is absolutely consistent from the first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation, is nothing short of a prima facie case for divine inspiration.

But to understand it requires immersing ourselves in it, trying to receive it the way the original audience did, and praying that we may find the 'rhema' within the 'logos.' These and other reflections on mining the infinite depths of the Word of God can be found on these pages.

Inspiration and Truth

Sadly, one of the things that most bitterly divides many Christians is their understanding of divine inspiration and scriptural truth. It would be naive to think that through dialogue we will all come to view scripture through the same inspiration/truth lens. It is eminently possible, however, that through prayerful dialogue we will come to respect each other's sincere beliefs, and to enrich our own understanding in the process. It is in this spirit that the thoughts on these pages are offered.