The churches and The Church

We are living in age when it is perhaps more important than at any other time in modern history that the Church take seriously Jesus' prayer the night before he died: "That they may be one so that the world will know that you sent me."

The postmodern culture and mindset rejects spiritual reality, marginalizes persons of faith, and seeks to establish a world order based on self as the ultimate concern.

All people of good faith

Most of the material here is written from the perspective of a Christian who is trying to learn more, not only about other expressions of Christian faith, but also about all people who with humility seek the face of God.

We have spent so much time figuring out just exactly how the other religions were wrong that we have denied ourselves the blessing of their insights and strengths. It has impoverished us all to live in such isolation. And it has denied 'the world' of which Jesus speaks and for which Jesus prays of that witness of oneness that is capable of bringing this jaded, selfish, materialistic, cold world to belief.